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From: vicki s [mailto:******@aol.com]
Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2011 10:55 PM
To: @1234yourhealth.com
Subject: Website Contact from 1234YourHealth.com:

I have chronic lyme disease. Amazing results after taking my first 3 pills. You need to put in your advertisement that it helps lyme disease symptoms. Thank you!!

Vicki S.
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From: liisa a***** [mailto:******@rogers.com]
Sent: Tuesday, September 27, 2011 7:21 PM
To: @1234yourhealth.com
Subject: Website Contact from 1234YourHealth.com:

I think its a great product! I am not into narcotics, and with other natural therapies, my pain is reduced (my) energy level is incredible, and I will always use it. I have been giving it to my dog for 2 years, and she is doing really well on it (severe hip dysplasia & O.A) . . . . Liisa

Liisa A.
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From: Renata T****** [mailto:r******@videotron.ca]
Sent: Friday, April 08, 2011 10:48 AM
To: @1234yourhealth.com
Subject: Website Contact:

I have been taking Genacol (Original one) for 1-1/2 year now and I found that my back pain is much better than it was. . . . Thank you.

Renata T.
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From: Coretta L M****** [mailto:c******@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2010 3:55 PM
To: @1234yourhealth.com
Subject: Website Contact:

I am amazed at the honest and successful experience I am having with Genacol. I have never had a non-narcotic medicine to do the things that this product does for my knees. I am 300+ pounds and desperately in need of joint support and weight loss. I pray that my positive experience will continue with Genacol. If you have any other natural products for joint pain and or weight loss please inform me, using the e-mail above. May your company be blessed for integrity and commitment to excellence.

Coretta L. M.
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I’m a 56 year old guitar player. Arthritis started to set in a few months ago. My fingers got very stiff and the pain at the base of my thumb joint was very intense. A 75 year-old jazz musician told me about Genacol — he said it helped loosen up his hands and alleviate the pain. He was right, within just a few days I started noticing the difference. After about 2 weeks, all the pain was gone and my hands were once again able to fly over the fingerboard. Thank you Genacol for putting the music back in my life.
Mike R
Houston, Texas


I started taking Genacol with collagen and within one week I could feel the results. My neck and my fingers are feeling better every day and I have been using Genacol for less than a month. I have more flexibility and strength in my hands and NO PAIN. This is a GREAT product. Everybody should use it. Keep up the good work.
Raymond C.
Houston, TX

For the last 2 years I’ve been having pain and tenderness in my hips (mostly while sleeping) and my doctor was unable to find an exact cause for this as they could not find any evidence of arthritis or any other disease, so they attributed it to bursitis. Needless to say, this pain has made it difficult to get a good nights’ sleep, but after taking Genacol for about 2-3 weeks I’m having less pain in my hips and sleeping better. I’ve also recently started developing carpal-tunnel symptoms in my right hand, but after using Genacol this past month I’m experiencing less pain in my hand as well. I have not had any side affects from taking the Genacol and began noticing an overall body toning affect after taking Genacol for only a few days! I’ve been using the facial masque also and my skin feels much softer, firmer, pores are smaller and the lines around my eyes are less noticeable! I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to look and feel better!
Debbie H.
Tulsa, OK

I have been using Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix for many years in my practice. I must say that Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix in capsules is the best I have experienced. I recommend it to most of my patients. I personally had a car accident not long ago and Genacol helped me tremendously to recuperate. I also have a patient that suffered from arthritis and she had to use braces to hold her fingers together. After 2 months in using the product, she is not using the braces anymore. Congratulations for this wonderful product.
Lucie Leger N.D.
Montreal, Quebec

I’m 85 and about two years ago I fell and broke my leg. It had to be repaired with a rod and screws. At my age it took a long time to recover. I was finally able to get around with a walker, but the pain from my injury and the muscle and joint discomfort really limited my mobility. My son has arthritis and he told me about Genacol. I ordered a bottle off the web and what a difference it made. Now I can go to the mall, movies or out to eat. Sometimes I use a cane, but often I can just use my own two feet. Since I’ve been taking Genacol, I’m able to drive again. Thanks Genacol for putting the freedom back into my life and taking the pain out!
Libby R.
Philadelphia, PA

I’m 43 years old and suffer from RA and Fibromyalgia. I’ve been seeing a variety of doctors over the past 8 years and in and out of Physical Therapy/Rehab for about 5 years now. The pain I’ve felt during this time has been INCREDIBLE! Some days my back and legs hurt so badly, it was a real effort just to walk from one end of our house to the other. As most people with FMS know, it’s very common to have CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) along with FMS, due to the lack of sleep you get. That’s also been the case for me and even with medication to help me sleep, I still had no energy. I’ve also received pain block injections in my back to ease the pain, but all the of treatments I’ve received have only been a temporary fix, and not good ones at that.

When I heard about the Genacol I decided, “What could it hurt to try?” After all; nothing else seemed to help that much. After the third day, I started to notice a difference in my pain level which had decreased significantly. Gradually, I also became more energetic. I was walking with a noticeable limp before the Genacol and my fingers were also starting to turn under and hurt constantly. I no longer have a limp, my fingers are straight and don’t hurt at all! I still have some pain in my back and hip occasionally but it’s bearable. I sleep at night and have plenty of energy to do what I want to do during the day. I’m not taking any prescription medications for my conditions now which is great! I hated taking them anyway because of the side effects. (stomach upsets, weight gain, etc) I have had NO side effects with the Genacol.

I’ve only been taking it for 4 weeks now but if I continue to feel as well as I have during that time, I’ll continue to take it. I can honestly say, I haven’t felt as good as I have over the last few weeks, in YEARS!

I could go on and on about how different these past weeks have been but I know I have to end this somewhere so I guess the best way to do that is just to say, “Thanks Genacol!”
Glenda C.
Pace, Florida

I had problems with my ankles because they were cracking and very painful, thanks to Genacol, now the pain is gone. I have a very busy practice and I must give the best advises to my patients, Genacol has been a fantastic product to recommend. I find it very effective for arthritis, back pain, skin softness, toning and muscles mass. The sign for a good product is the repeat I get and Genacol is beyond my expectations.
Francine Jean N.D.
Ste-Marthe du Cap, Quebec

I’m not the best golfer, but I’m not bad either. I was finally getting my game down, when my hip started killing me. Even though I’m only 50, my doctor told me I was losing cartilage in my hip, and heading for hip replacement surgery. He told me to try a new supplement that has been successful in Canada and Europe, called Genacol. After two months, it seemed to rebuild some of the damaged joint tissue. I’m back on the course, with no limp.
Fred Zazinski
Phoenix, AZ

I’m an avid physical fitness buff. During one of my weight training workouts, I tore my rotator cuff. I somewhat healed, but the pain and limited mobility stayed. My trainer told me about Genacol. Within ten days, the pain was gone. Twenty days later, I was back to my full workout. Thanks, Genacol.
Leona Goldberg
Atlanta, GA

I’m a lifelong musician. I started playing Rock & Roll in the fifties, and still play three nights a week with my band. Over the past few years, my hands and back started to go stiff, then the pain set in. A musician friend of mine from Germany, told me about Genacol, something they use a lot in Europe. I tried it, and I feel good enough to go out on tour again.
Rex Hamilton
San Francisco, CA

I’m a 52 year old Chiropractor. Unfortunately, arthritis runs in my family. Two years ago my hands started hurting when I was giving adjustments. I tried everything, glucosamine chondrontin supplements, MSM, and shark cartilage. In one of my professional journals, I read about a product called Genacol. It’s the only product that truly worked, and worked well. I recommend it to all my patients with arthritis or joint problems.
Steve Johansen
New York City, NY

Facial Masque with Bio-Active Collagen provides anti-aging benefits

After years of painting, I finally was selling my abstract nature scenes for quiet a respectable sum. I was the happiest I had ever been. To my horror, arthritis struck my hands! I could only paint using a large brush, held in my painridden hands! Thank goodness, my daughter, a nurse in Canada, send me Genacol. Within three weeks, my career was saved. Amazing!
Althea Franklin
Eugene, Oregon

I’ve been tending the family farm for 58 years. Arthritis has taken its toll on my body. My hands, my hips, my neck, and my poor ole achin’ back! Farming has been difficult until a year ago. My doctor told me about a new product. He thought it was worth a try. Three weeks later, I started to notice a big difference. The pain was almost gone all over! Farming’s fun again.
Joe Collins
Mt. Vernon, Iowa

I am a 55 year old grandmother. My grandchildren are the joys of my life. I cannot explain to you the pleasure I receive from holding and rocking my babies to sleep. So, you can imagine the pain and suffering that my arthritis caused me six months ago, when I realized I was no longer able to safely hold my children. Thank God a friend of mine gave me a bottle of Genacol ! Within a month, I was my old self, no more pain! Genacol is the greatest !
Rosa Ramirez
Vero Beach, Florida

I am a runner, and I like to dance. After years of running on concrete, and going out in heels at night, my lower back started to “go out” on me. I had heard that term before, but came to really understand what it meant. My back ached some, but when this new level struck, it was “just help me to the couch!” The next day I’d be at the chiropractor looking for relief. A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Genacol because I had weak nails, and also wanted something to “plump” out my skin. I took three pills a night for about a month. I didn’t really click on it at first, but my back quit hurting. It finally dawned on me clearly that there was a change in my back, a stable change, when I danced the night away (willing to pay the price). I got up the next day, dreading the pain, to my surprise, the back was good. Since then, I have continued to run, in the same shoes, on concrete, a couple of miles a day, and continue to tear up the dance floor. I almost feel guilty, because I am knowingly doing stuff tough on the back, but I definitely have a healthy back now. I understand that I need to keep taking Genacol, but swallowing a few capsules before I go to bed is no biggie. Also, I believe it will prevent future back and joint issues. My nails are growing like crazy, and so is my hair. My skin looks good, but best of all, I don’t have to sweat the back.
Debbie S.
Houston, Texas

My customers are very satisfied, and I recommend Genacol.
Mario Paquette
Oasis Natural Store
Blainville, Quebec

I was suffering chronic back pain and Genacol has helped me significantly. I tried many products and none of them come close to Genacol. I think that all Naturopaths in America should promote Genacol.
William Fraser, N.D.
Lake City, Florida

I have used Bio-Active Collagen Matrix as a supplement for 3 years. I am very happy with Genacol. It is giving me energy, improving my skin and reducing my size. I went from a size 24 to a size 12. I can’t stop myself from talking about Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix . I like Genacol more, because of its purity. I also like capsules versus liquid form.
Jewell Albaught
Cambridge, Ohio

After using Glucosamine daily for a period of 4 months with no results, I decided to try Genacol. After only 6 days my knee pain has completely disappeared.
R. Marquis

For the last 6 months, we have sold Genacol®. It has proven to be the most effective product for joints, arthritis, pain, and related complaints that we have ever stocked. Customer’s testimonials have been outstanding, and they have been telling their friends. When we hear of such favorable results, it is a pleasure to pass on the good words to others.
B. Wilson, health food store owner


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