Genacol for pets and their hip dysplasia, joint discomfort, canine arthritis and aging

Genacol For Your Pet

Genacol is Great for Your Aging and Arthritic Pets

If your aging pets suffer from canine arthritis, joint discomfort or hip dysplasia, Pet Genacol is the solution. The only dietary supplement your pets need to stay young and mobile.

Dogs: One capsule daily for each 50 lbs of weight. Open the capsule and sprinkle the contents on their favorite wet or dry food.
Cats: Open one capsule and sprinkle the contents on their favorite wet or dry food.

Bio-Active Collagen Matrix, the most important building block in the entire animal world, is the tie that binds the animal kingdom together. In life’s long march up from the primordial ooze, anything with more than one cell — from the simplest, oldest living creature to man — is knitted into whatever it is by collagen. The word collagen comes from the Greek, and means, “glue producing”. No wonder the popular name for collagen is connective tissue. You might say that Mother Nature had to invent Bio-Active Collagen Matrix for the evolutionary march upward from a single cell.

We used to think creatures were collections of cells, many different from each other, but most bound together cheek by jowl like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. Now we know that life outside the cell performs essential functions. And the term ‘connective tissue’ has taken on an even broader meaning. Just as connective tissue binds various parts of the body together, muscle to bone, vertebrae to vertebrae… Collagens are essential for tying cell to cell. To hang together, cells need a scaffold, a matrix. Like the mesh in a screen. Cells fill the holes in the mesh. The mesh itself is primarily collagen — the tie that binds.

Life is a string of complex molecules: polymers. And Nature’s most abundant protein polymer is collagen. More than a third of the body’s protein is collagen and it can account for an even higher percentage in particular parts of the body. Collagen makes up 75% of our skin. The more science learns about the body, the more significant we see collagen to be.

At this stage of our knowledge, researchers have found 13 kinds of vertebrate collagen, plus some smaller molecules looking like spare parts. They suspect they are members of the same family. Each type has evolved to serve a distinct purpose. Collagen varies depending on the anatomical region. From muscle to bone to cartilage to blood vessels to nerves to various parts of the skin, which itself is the largest organ in the body.

Bio-Active Collagen Matrix is a protein of the scleroprotein class, which is the most important constituent of the connective tissue of an animal. The molecules (14 X 2900) appear to comprise a triple helix of linear polypeptide strands, composed of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. When collagen is boiled in water, the strands separate and undergo partial hydrolysis, yielding gelatin.

Remember, if your aging pet suffers from canine arthritis, joint discomfort or hip dysplasia, Genacol, an exclusive Bio-Active, Amino Acid Enhanced Collagen Compound is available today. It is a dietary supplement your pets need to stay young and mobile and enjoy a fuller life.

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