How does Genacol Work?

How does Genacol Work?

Genacol products are 100% natural enzymatically hydrolyzed Bio-Active Collagen Matrix. Bio-Active Collagen Matrix is a natural protein that provides structural support. It is found in skin, muscle, tendon and bone. In the skin, collagen provides texture, resilience, and shape. In joints, it protects and stimulates anabolic restoration of joint cartilage and synovial fluid (see clinical reports of collagen usage). It is the most abundant protein in your body and is necessary for the proper functioning of joints, the production of lean muscle tissue, smooth and supple skin, and the growth of hair and nails.

Unfortunately, after age 35, the collagen creating process slows down markedly. As a result, the body can no longer maintain the proper repairing process in our body, which requires a constant supply of new Bio-Active Collagen Matrix . For this reason, aches and pains begin to develop, additional body fat forms, and the skin begins to dry out, wrinkle and lose its youthful appearance.

There is no Bio-Active Collagen Matrix product on the market like Genacol; it is a pre-digested, or micronized form of protein whose smaller size peptides readily penetrate the villa in the small intestines. In other words, it is an exceptionally high quality natural supplement that allows your body to rebuild areas that deteriorate with age. Genacol is a safe, easily absorbed product, synthesized in the lab.

The benefits of taking Bio-Active Collagen Matrix are widespread, but perhaps most noteworthy, is its affect on osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Bio-Active Collagen Matrix is used extensively in Europe to treat arthritis. It functions as a chondroprotective agent, providing the raw material needed for chondrocytes to regenerate cartilage. A glucosamine deficiency caused by aging and/or trauma leads to osteoarthritis. The oral consumption of Bio-Active Collagen Matrix provides the raw material needed for joint cartilage synthesis and repair.

Pain reduction in joints within 4 to 10 weeks was noted in at least nine European studies while using Bio-Active Collagen Matrix . In less than two weeks, Genacol has been shown to produce reductions in inflammation and pain in most arthritis patients. Fortunately, Genacol appears to be virtually free of side effects and, due to its excellent absorption rate, its results are superior to anything on the market, including Glucosamine Chondroitin products from animals, which are absorbed at a 15% absorption rate – too little to do much good.

Many prescriptive arthritis medications can cause severe side effects with the most common being a negative impact on the blood, liver, and kidneys. And, these treatments only attempt to suppress symptoms. Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix is readily absorbed, stays in the blood for hours with almost no loss through excretion, and is safe enough for diabetics and those on blood pressure medicine.

Along with reducing pain in your hands, arms, shoulders, hips, knees, or other joints, Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix has also proven helpful in the regeneration of muscle mass, increased elasticity of the skin and wrinkle reduction, hair and nail growth, improved vitality, improved organ functioning (organs are made up of up to 40% collagen), and sleep and joint pain reduction in animals as well as humans.

Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix is easy to take. Just take three capsules on an empty stomach before bedtime. Three capsules supply 1200 mg. Six to eight glasses of water should be taken during the day. In this way, when your body goes into alpha sleep mode, it will repair and rebuild your body’s cartilage and connective tissue to relieve pain and wrinkles and rejuvenate. It can also be taken one hour before breakfast. Most users should notice a difference in as soon as 2 to 3 weeks.

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