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What is GENACOL®?
GENACOL® is an exclusive “Collagen Matrix” formula that helps optimize and maintain your body’s production of essential collagens required for fast and powerful repair and rejuvenation. GENACOL® helps decrease joint pain caused by associated joint disorders or injury while supporting cartilage and joint function, improving muscle mass, skin tone and its texture for a more youthful and healthy appearance; enhanced mobility; and an overall sense of well being. GENACOL® Collegan Matrix is the only product that is manufactured using our exclusive and trademarked AminoLock™ Sequence Technology.

Bio-Active Collegan Matrix is a natural protein that provides your body with structural support. Twenty-five per cent of the dry protein weight of the human body is collegan – the fibrous, elastic, connective tissue in our bodies that holds us together. Seventy-five per cent of your skin is made up of collegan, providing texture, resiliency, and shape.

What is AminoLock™ Sequence Technology?
AminoLock™ Sequence Technology is an exclusive trademarked technology that is used to extract and enhance the vital amino acids and proteins found in collagen. The AminoLock™ Sequence Technology used to produce GENACOL® helps retain amino acids, & nutrients in the collagen which helps deliver maximum results! Several labs have tried to reverse-produce and duplicate the collagen formula of GENACOL®, but have been unsuccessful due to our exclusive AminoLock™ Sequence Technology.

Why Do I Need More Collagen?
Nearly one third of your body is composed of collagen. Collagen is known as the “glue of life” and it represents the most abundant structural protein in your body. Collagen is essential for proper repair and rejuvenation as well as for correct cell and organ function.

In your youth, your body creates the collagen necessary for it to repair itself. Unfortunately, after age 35, your body’s collagen-creating process slows down remarkably. As a result, your body can no longer maintain proper repair and rejuvenation. Aches and pains begin to develop, additional body fat forms and your skin will begin to dry out, wrinkle, and lose its youthful appearance.

How does the primary ingredient in GENACOL® work?
It enhances the body’s natural mechanism of rejuvenation and repair. It is a pre-digested, or micronized form of protein whose smaller size peptides readily penetrate the villa in the small intestines. In other words, it is an exceptionally high quality natural supplement that allows your body to rebuild areas that deteriorate with age. Genacol is a safe, easily absorbed product, synthesized in the lab.

In the first 90 minutes of sleep, your body enters the alpha phase of sleep. This alpha phase is when your body is looking for the collagen required for the repair and rejuvenation process. GENACOL® enhances the body’s natural mechanism of producing more of its own natural collagen required for this rejuvenation and repair process. GENACOL® also provides the body with a fresh supply of collagen and protein for improved energy, stamina and building of lean muscle mass.

What are the ingredients of GENACOL®?
GENACOL® contains only 100% pure Collagen Matrix. There are absolutely no additives, fillers or preservatives. GENACOL® is also a great source of protein: 1200 mg per serving (3 capsules)

GENACOL® vs. Liquid Collagen Products?
While both are great collagen sources, GENACOL® provides your body with 1200mg of 100% pure protein complex in an easy-to-take capsule form, with no additives, fillers or preservatives. It has also been found that when collagen comes in contact with an aqueous solution, it begins to degrade and will eventually lose its bioactivity and its effectiveness!

Can I lose inches or weight with GENACOL®?
YES! But it takes time. Any collagen supplement should be taken for a minimum of 90 days. Remember that your body did not get this way in 30, 60 or even 90 days! Please give it time to work! GENACOL® is an awesome source of protein – 1200mg per serving. Protein assists the body in increasing lean muscle mass. When we increase lean muscle mass, our body has a greater ability to burn fat and calories, which results in inch/weight loss. We suggest measuring the results of GENACOL® in inch loss, not weight loss. Why? Muscle weighs more than fat – 4 times more – but fat takes up more space. So in essence, your clothes will fit looser but you may not lose any weight on the scale.

How do I take GENACOL®?
GENACOL® is very simple to use. Just take 3 GENACOL® capsules every night right before you go to sleep, with 8oz. of water.

Is it that important that I not eat during the three hours between my last meal and sleep?
Yes, because even a small snack or piece of fruit interferes with Genacol’s absorption ability thus limiting it maximum effect. Individuals should eat a healthy, well-balanced diet during the day and their final meal should be at least three hours before bedtime.

What if there is not three hours after your last meal before taking GENACOL®?
It is so important to take your GENACOL® every night! For optimum results, it is suggested to wait three hours after your last meal before taking GENACOL®. If you are unable to wait the 3 hours, our biochemists still recommend taking your GENACOL® every night. It is better to get some results rather than no results if you don’t take GENACOL®. When your stomach is not empty, it can interfere with the body’s ability to detect and absorb the proteins found in GENACOL®, thus limiting the optimum results you can experience. Individuals should eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink a minimum of 64 oz. of water per day.

What if I take medication at bedtime?
We suggest that you take your medication 30-45 minutes before you go to bed, which allows it to be totally absorbed prior to taking your GENACOL®. Then take your GENACOL® right before you go to sleep.

Is there anybody who should not take GENACOL®?
Children under 12, pregnant and lactating women should not use GENACOL®. It is always recommend that you check with your health practitioner before taking any dietary supplements or if you have any questions.

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