Rx for Youth by Warren H. Chaney, Ph. D.

Rx For Youth

“Rx For Youth” by Warren H. Chaney, Ph.D.
Says the World Council on Health and Aging, “If you can only own one book on aging, this is it.” Rx For Youth” separates what’s real from what’s a myth. This best seller by well-known writer/researcher, Dr. Warren Chaney, represents the cutting edge in aging science. Its clear and well-documented pages deal with real specifics that will erase years of aging from your appearance and the way you feel. “Rx For Youth” has been highly recommended by health practitioners nation wide.

“If you only own one book on aging, this is it,” World Council on Health and Aging

“Absolutely the best book on aging ever written,” Stephen Ho, MD

“If Dr. Chaney wrote it, It’s for real,” J.R. Richards-Houston Astros

“Honest , candid and very well documented,” Jean-Yves Leroux, Ph.D.

“An anti-aging system that really works,” Maurice Bren, Editor-Health Bytes

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