Tips for Genacol

How to Take GENACOL for Best Results

Genacol is a safe, all-natural, exclusive 100% pure Bio-Active Collagen Matrix formula that helps the body repair and rejuvenate as well as being able to help ease the pain and discomfort caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and carpal tunnel. Genacol can help you reclaim a more youthful and active lifestyle.

The following are some proven, helpful and effective rules for GENACOL users:

  • Don’t abruptly change your present eating habits.
  • Use what you know to be common sense in your eating and exercise habits.
  • Be sure to follow your physicians advice when making changes.
  • Eat a well balanced diet in moderation.
  • Drink at least eight – 8oz glasses of water a day.
  • Start or continue your regular exercise program.


For Optimum Results we suggest you follow these Simple Instructions:

1. TAKE 3 GENACOL CAPSULES EVERY night right before sleep with 8oz. of water. FOR OPTIMUM RESULTS: Take GENACOL on any EMPTY stomach. An empty stomach means no food or drink of any kind (including soda, teas, coffee, vitamins, pills, even a piece of candy or gum) at least three hours before sleep. Check with your physician the possibility of taking prescribed medications with dinner or earlier in the day

2. TAKE GENACOL DIRECTLY BEFORE SLEEP Refrain from all activity after taking GENACOL. If you like to read or watch TV at bedtime, keep GENACOL and a glass of water by your bed and take it when you turn out the lights and are about to fall asleep. The first 90 minutes of sleep is when GENACOL begins to assist the body in rebuilding, repairing and rejuvenating, which in turn helps the body in utilizing sugars and fats more efficiently. Taking GENACOL prior to sleep (not in the middle of the night) on an empty stomach is the most effective way for the body to utilize GENACOL.

3. BE SURE TO RECORD YOUR MEASUREMENTS Be sure to measure and weigh yourself and record the results on a chart. Then measure yourself every week or two weeks. And chart the results from Genacol by inch loss as well as weight loss.

4. KEEP IN MIND THAT THIS IS A THREE-MONTH PROGRAM Some people experience tangible results with GENACOL almost immediately while others may not see the results until the third month or longer. Remember the results you are attempting to relieve and repair did not appear in 90 days. However, the majority of users experience the wellness benefits of taking GENACOL in the first 30 days. It is important to note that GENACOL is a complete wellness product that will support the body’s total health including balancing the muscle to fat ratio. Genacol should be taken every day as a foundational health product. Genacol is a product for life!

5. FOR ENERGY AND STAMINA, take GENACOL in the morning 30-45 minutes before eating or 30 minutes before an athletic workout. For the most effective muscle building, use the evening program with the three-hour empty stomach. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Genacol will even assist in the building of lean muscle tissue while following the daytime energy program. A sensible exercise program is good for you. GENACOL users report that their increase in energy increases their desire to exercise naturally.

6. LATE MORNING OR LATE AFTERNOON OPTION – GENACOL may be taken more than once a day. You can take your GENACOL three hours after breakfast or three hours after lunch. Then be sure to wait 45 minutes before eating anything. GENACOL works best on an empty stomach.

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