Genacol Instant Pain Relief – micro beads of Genacol collagen

Genacol Instant Pain Relief

After more than two years of development, DirectLab inc. is proud to present their new product, Genacol Instant for Pain Relief.

This high quality product is a topical gel with added Genacol® micro beads designed to relieve local muscular, rheumatic and arthritic pain. These micro beads are essential and in large part responsible for the excellent results of the product. Here is why:

Due to the bio activity of collagen, our laboratory concentrated on developing a new technology able to adequately isolate the Genacol® in order to maximize its bioactivity only when applied. This is how we reached our goal by inserting Genacol® inside the micro beads.

By gently rubbing the painful area with Genacol® Instant for Pain Relief, the micro beads will release the collagen, immediately activating and rapidly relieving muscular, rheumatic and arthritic pains.

Furthermore, a soft wintergreen smell will fade away rapidly. Genacol® Instant will not only relieve your pain but will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. Feel free to use it as needed.

The soothing effect of Genacol® Instant for Pain Relief will allow you to pursue your daily activities, enjoyably and pain free.



I went to the doctor for a consultation on a severe sports injury, it was diagnosed as a slight calf tear. Rest and pain killers was the treatment. Rest worked well but the pain killers didn’t allow me to keep my edge as a commodity trader. I tried a few OTC remedies but nothing seemed to work. I spotted Genacol Instant in the shelf and the pain relief was instant. I was healing much better and eliminated the need for pain killers. Upon doing some web research, I noticed Genacol was available in pill form. I took the Genacol pills and use the Genacol Instant and my injury healed in just a few short weeks. I’m back playing in my basketball league and feeling great.

William A
Bryn Mawr, PA

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