Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix supplements for Pain Relief

Do you Suffer From . . . Arthritis ? Fibromyalgia ? Carpal Tunnel ? Muscle and / or Joint Pain ?

Genacol® Bio-Active Collagen Matrix supplements provide pain relief for people suffering from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel, osteoarthritis and other muscle and joint pain. It is a virtual anti-aging supplement because it helps the human body reverse cartilage damage providing a host of benefits. Joint pain can diminish the quality of life but taking Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix supplements can help.

Nearly half of your entire body is composed of collagen. It is known as the “glue of life” and is the substance that holds the cells of your body together. It represents the most abundant structural protein in your body. Collagen Matrix is essential for the production of new cells as well as cell rejuvenation – an internal anti-aging mechanism. Every night, in the first 90 minutes of sleep, your body normally creates collagen to be used in the repair process. However, as we grow older, our body loses its ability to create the necessary collagen, therefore the repairing and rejuvenation process slows.

There are no side effects associated with Genacol
Bio-Active Collagen Matrix supplements. They are readily absorbed, stay in the blood for several hours, and very little is excreted due to the complete absorption of this natural product.

Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix . . .

  • is “Bio-Active,” an enzymatically hydrolyzed collagen delivering maximum results! Bio-Active Collagen is cold enzyme extracted (below 86°F) — retaining amino acids and nutrients.
  • is 100% Bio-Active Collagen Hydrolysat – absolute purity and quality without additives, fillers or preservatives.
  • is the only product of its kind on the world market.
  • contains 100% of the structural protein that Glucosamine-Chondroitin alone can not deliver.
  • is an excellent alternative to Glucosamine for arthritis, joint discomfort and pain relief.
  • is a safe, natural ingredient that is recommended by doctors world-wide.

Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix helps your body to . . .

  • Increase Energy and Vitality
  • Provide Pain Relief from Joint Pain
  • Reduce the Discomfort of Arthritis
  • Achieve Deeper, Restful Sleep
  • Support Muscle Development
  • Enhance Joint Mobility

The two conditions that show the greatest response to Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix supplements are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. If one experiences any of the symptoms associated with these conditions, then our supplements will help. If you lack mobility in your hands, arms, shoulders, hips, knees or other joints – or if you experience joint pain or inflammation, then Genacol is for you – a virtual anti-aging supplement providing you with pain relief and more!

Genacol® uses a unique form of Bio-Active Collagen that boosts your body’s ability to both produce and utilize the essential collagens that are necessary for repair and rejuvenation. After using our product for one month you will find that it decreases joint pain while improving joint function. Arthritis sufferers have seen dramatic results in as few as one or two months. In addition, you will experience better muscle function and improved skin tone and texture. In sum, you will have a more youthful and healthy body to enjoy life.

If you have an elderly friend or relative who is in need of pain relief,
then send them the “gift of youth” — Genacol Bio-Active Collagen Matrix.


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